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Third stage: Spain

We arrive in Iberia from the Somport Pass at an altitude of 1630 m - the highest point of the European section. From the francospagna border, we descend along the Camino Aragones, the last offshoot of the Via Tolosana that links Arles to Puente la Reina, before turning into the Camino de Santiago. Continuing along El Camino, we pass the wine region, Rioja, and its capital, Logroño, before reaching Burgos, the last outpost before the desolate moors of the Mesetas, 200km of flat land leading to Leon, the historic heart of Castilla. Once we reach the city, we turn south heading to Salamanca, following the Camino de la Plata (Seville - Santiago). The last stretch is towards east, destination Madrid: this is where we will leave for the new world

You may wonder why I designed such a non-linear itinerary. Wasn't it quicker to aim directly at Madrid? Why not get to Santiago and from there go to Portugal?
The answer lies around a city, Leon. I spent my Erasmus there, discovering a world that goes beyond the mind and that marked me forever, touching me deeply through the people I met. On this journey I didn't want to miss saying goodbye to the city.
On the other hand, I decided not to go on to Portugal for other reasons, which I will share with you during the next month. Are you curious to know more? Follow me!       Copyright © 2020

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