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The idea was born in the bedroom/living room of a student flat in Parma, wrapped in a blue robe - a mix of silk and polyester, with a huge yellow dragon embroidered on the back. The contrast is smashing: on one side the slipper, on the other the snappy, almost nervous traveller, who decides that it can be made possible as soon as he connects the stitches. And if it is possible, that I have to try

Why on foot? When we travel we look for something that we can't find normally, an element that rejects everyday life and, because of that, becomes so precious when we find it

Slowness, when I think of something missing in everyday life it's: slowness. It is the key to access a special link with places and people, it is the quality that allows us to build stories and experiences that one day we will call memories. Walking is the most natural way to move from one place to another, you keep going listening to the rhythm of the body, following that of the day: why not set out like this, to discover our planet?

This trip is for those who have always dreamed of travelling the world but have never found the right backpack


Pieroad - Nicolò Guarrera





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It's always good to eat to satiety [Ezio's a good eater]


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